Guardian's Peril

Guardian's Peril

The role of Enore’s Guardian weighs heavily on Athelon’s shoulders. Soon Athelon finds himself pulled into a battle that began before the worlds were made, bound to discover that gods have powerful enemies.

Guardian's Peril (part 1 of Elenya's Tale) is now available as an ebook through You can read it on any computer, and most mobile devices.

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Blog Launch


My Blog has been launched. It even has a few articles in it.

Check there for various and sundry musings about writing, illustration, software development and cycling.

New Site Launched


Welcome to my new site (beta version), designed to work for mobile and desktop users alike. Learn more about my writing, artwork or software development (coming soon) here.

The site is still in development, and should be getting new content, and additional polish in the coming weeks.

Guardian's Peril Published


Guardian's Peril is now available through

This is my first self-published novel, part 1 of Elenya's Tale. Athelon, Enore's Guardian, must find the truths about the past his goddess no longer remembers. He quickly discovers that gods have powerful enemies.

New Illustration


Check out the new painting Enore's Tower in the artist section.